Srivari Padalu

Situated in the forests, on the peak of Narayanadri hill range, Sri Vari Padalu is another important pilgrimage of Tirumala, which is visited by many devotees from every corner of the country. There is a legend behind this temple which associates this place to Lord Vishnu, when he had arrived in the form of Lord Venkateswara. This place has been mentioned in the vedas and other important scriptures of Hindu religion.According to the mythological history of Sri Vari Padalu, it is the very place where Lord Venkateswara set his feet first.

It is the first place on the Narayanagiri Hills, one of the seven divine hills, where his sacred feet touched the ground. Narayanagiri Hills is said to be the highest hill among all the Tirumala Hills. Even today, footprints of Lord Venkateswara Swamy can be seen on the rocky surface of the hill. Pilgrims can reach the site after climbing more than 300 steps and offer prayers. Usually devotees climb to reach Srivari Padalu and make offerings of coconut and perform puja. However, the access has been facilitated by TTD.

How to Reach Srivari Padalu

  1. A.P.S.R.T.C Buses are available from Srivari Padalu near CRO from 5 AM everyday with a 20 min Frequency.
  2. TTD Runs Free buses to Srivari Padalu
  3. Private Taxis also available