Papavinasanam Dam

Papavinasanam is one of the sacred and prominent Theertham located in Tirumala. According to sri venkatachala puranam, a holy bath in this theertham will purify the sins of the devoties and bless with peace, prosperity and progress. Sunday combined with shukla paksha sapthami in the month of aswayuja or Dwadasi with uttarabhadra star is an auspicioyday. The Prominence of this Theertham was also mentioned in skanda puranam. The Authorised Purohiths of TTD Purohitha sangam of tirumala are performing daily Pujas, Sankalpa ETC. In the Interest of visiting Pilgrims as per the TTD Approved Dates. Hear, the dieties of Godess Ganga and God Anjaneya Swamy.

The Papavinasa Punya Theerdha Vahini is 7 KM from Tirumala.Devotees coming for darshan of Tirumala Venkateswara Swami wash away their sin in this Theerdha and hence this Theerdha got the name of Papavinasa Theerdha. Water required for Tirumala is Distributed from the dam built at the western side of the Theerdha .it is said that those who bathe any where at Tiruamala receive as much holiness as those who take bath in the Papavinasa,as the water of this Theerdha is available every where at Tirumala

How to Reach Papavinasanam Dam

  1. A.P.S.R.T.C Buses are available from Kalyani Choultry near CRO from 5 AM everyday with a 20 min Frequency.
  2. TTD Runs Free buses to the Dam
  3. Private Taxis also available

Note : Tourists can visit from on all days of the week. The visiting timings are from 6 AM to 6 PM. It is closed on public holidays. For the convenience of the pilgrims, separate dressing rooms for men and women.