Japali Hanuman Temple

Japali Theertham is located on the way to Papavinasanam from Tirumala It is about just 3 Kms from Tirumala. From the road side, one has to walk about 1 KM inside the forest to reach the Teertham.. Its a sacred water body (Theertham) situated opposite to the Lord Hanuman Temple.

Pilgrims visiting Tirumala, visit this place and take a bath in this Japali Teertham. But many pilgrims are not aware of this Teertham or the Hanuman Temple. Having heard about this temple, we visited this temple on 1st December 2014, when we went to Tirumala for darshanof Lord Venkateswara.

The temple premises is not well maintained. There is no place to stay here for overnight. Pilgrims come here, visit and leave this place. As Sage Japali performed penance here, this place is being called as Japali Hanuman Kshethra and Teertham as "Japali Teertham"